Electro Fusion Welding

We offer our clients with electro fusion welding which is mainly used for welding pipes made from PE for the water and gas utilities although PP and PVDF pipes can also be electro fusion welded. This technique offers a number of practical advantages to the installer.

Easy to use for repairs and extensions and where the space and movement is limited. Available in sizes from 16mm to 800mm diameter.

Butt Fusion Welding:

We also offer our clients butt fusion welding of HDPE, PP, PVDF, LDPE and MDPE pipes and fittings. The welding is done with the use of hot plates and hydraulic jacks and aligners for larger diameter pipes. We carry turnkey job work for on-site butt welding through a very specialised, skilled and well trained team. It is altered and customised to suit our clients in their specific requirements.

Application area:

Water Pipes
Gas Pipes
Sewage Lines
Chemical Industry pipelines
Electric Conduits

Electro Fusion Welding