Domestic Heating Installation

Walls Engineering can design and install your entire domestic heating installation. We advise you on the best central heating system for your requirements, size up all your radiators and advise on their best location.

Modern heating systems have heat zones controlled by motorised valves. Upstairs zone, downstairs zone and hot water zone whereby each zone is controlled by time and temperature.

The overall effectiveness of a heating system depends on two things

A high efficient boiler that ensures little potential heat is wasted ***** A rated boiler (above 90% efficient)
Good heating controls designed to ensure the boiler is only working when heat is required in the home.
Walls Engineering offer a competitive rate for exchanging central heating boilers depending on customer needs.
A full range of references available on request.
We also provide a power flushing service to clean your system for improved performance and running costs.

Domestic Installation include:

Fitting Gas Boilers
Gas Fires/Cookers
Power Flushing
Central Heating Controls
Rerouting Pipework
Locating & Repairing Gas Leaks
Fitting Oil boilers
Fitting Oil Tanks
Fitting Tank Controls / Monitoring Equipment
Building Energy Rating
SEI Grant Scheme
The government is currently providing a scheme know as the Home Energy Saving Scheme (HES Scheme) provided through sustainable energy Ireland (SEI) which provides grants to homeowners who have built their homes prior to 2006.

The grant is aimed at improving the overall energy efficiency of their homes and in doing so reduce household bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Walls Engineering are happy to provide any advice or assistance that we can during the grant application process. We are also happy to provide references for some of the grant scheme work in which we have undertaken





Roof Insulation

€ 250.00


Cavity Wall Insulation

€ 400.00

Internal wall dry lining

€ 2,500.00

external wall insulation

€ 4,000.00


High efficiency Gas or Oil fired boiler with heating controls

€ 700.00

Heating controls upgrade

€ 500.00


A before and after works BER assessment

€ 200.00

Domestic Heating